Look at these resources, then identify and explain two ways you will help your students develop their writing skills

There were some great ideas, resources and strategies here to develop writing skills, that lend themselves to all learning areas. I was excited by the penpal example, something I took for granted as a child in school! The social engagement, and writing based in real exchanges and a real audience takes writing to the next level. Similarly, web-based debates encourage hypothesising, evaluation, generalisation and other high-thinking modes of thinking and writing.

I liked these tips also. Teachers should be:

  • Writers! show how to compose, and have a repertoire of techniques
  • Understand features of writing
  • Respond with insight
  • Direct students to models of good writing in different forms
  • Be patient, skills can be slow and difficult
  • Know when and how to respond constructively
  • Scaffold tasks

And schools should have a whole school writing plan.


Is it important to teach handwriting to middle school students? Why or why not?

In an age that promotes keyboard and computer skills ahead of handwriting, it is important to remember that writing is still a valued and important part of everyday life, and should be part of the toolbox for the 21st century student when he or she enters the real world. Also, research shows writing letters activates parts of the brain that become critical for reading, showing that writing by hand is linked to stronger student engagement and possibly participation.



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