Reading and Comprehension

Record the main features of each part of cueing system model.

The main features of the 3 cueing system or the MSV system are:
Meaning (Semantic): Does it make sense? Making sense of text and  relaying meaningful connections
Structure (Syntactic): Does it sound right? Making sense of the actual words in the sentences
Visual (Graphophonic): Does it look right? ­­Breaking words down into letters, sounds, syllables, prefixes, chunks, etc.

How will you use the HRLTP technique in your teaching?

I will use the High Reliability Literacy Teaching Procedures to enhance students’ literacy knowledge in my regular teaching program and on a whole class basis, with my learning outcomes for each lesson in mind. But with the main goal being modelling and teaching reading comprehension strategies that students learn to use independently and spontaneously.

The systematic organised way to cue students in the steps below is explicit teaching and learning at its best, as I saw in the Vimeo videos.

  1. Get theory knowledge ready
  2. Reading aloud
  3. Learning vocabularly
  4. Understanding sentences, grammar, chunking
  5. Summarise, scan, topics, sequence
  6. Review and consolidate, new ideas
  7. Reflection, main ideas, interpretation in different ways, reorganise ideas, apply them and link them

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