Literacy in Years 5-6

What have you learnt about teaching literacy to Grade 5 & 6 students?

I have learnt that teaching literacy to Year 5 and 6:

  • is busy and interactive.
  • usually takes the form of a morning block, with structure to include reading, writing, speaking and listening, spelling and vocabulary and handwriting and keyboard skills.
  • These modes of literacy are essential skills transferable to all areas of the curriculum, as they are in years 7-10.
  • works better when the explicit learning intention is clearly stated so the students are aware of what is going to be taught and why
  • integrate the teaching of literacy across all VELS domains
  • use a range of dynamic student groupings ensuring appropriate level of teacher support: * whole class * flexible small group * whole class sharing * independent activity.
  • systematically collect evidence from a range of assessments, and monitor and analyse this information over time
  • Effective literacy teachers continually monitor and track the progress of individual students.
  • provide students with regular opportunities for self-assessment of literacy progress using agreed criteria
  • regularly collect and analyse student writing samples and¬†administer English NAPLAN for Year 5 students (May) and analyse data when it is available.




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