Think about the range of transitions that a middle school student is likely to encounter. Can you predict the effects of these transitions on the young person? Record your thoughts in your journal.

I don’t think you can predict the effects of these transitions but with the knowledge we have about adolescents at this age, and the changes they will be facing, I think we can hypothesise about the potential effects, and expect them to be challenging. Social changes will occur with new peer groups and the student finding their way in their new friendship base. My daughter, who starts Year 7 next year, said to me “But I don’t want to make new friends” and it was difficult for me to explain that it’s not a process and that new people come in and out of our life all the time. But such is her world, where she has been friends with the same girls since pre-school. I’m glad that she has a passion for dance and her friendships extend out of school. Having said that, her new school has included information evenings, orientation events, one on one interview to ascertain what she’s like, who her current friends are, to help the transition. The school seems friendly, and with an open and honest sense of community. She felt good after her visits, and meeting people who will teach her and other kids she already knows from last year. Familiarity is important.

Then there is the academic shift: a new way of learning, not just learning new things. Lots more kids, a different teacher for each subject, homework expectations … The government has included many resources for teachers and parents online, this one included: file:///C:/Users/Tania/Downloads/The%20transition.pdf Tips include Staff working together, Relationships are the Key, Planning for Success and Parents are Part of the Transition.


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