Write down 5 things you believe about assessment and 5 things you want to know about assessment.

I believe assessment is for all students, is important for standardised learning, helps individual learning goals; that it gives crucial feedback and helps guide student-teacher relationships through insight.

I would like to know the difference/links between assessment and reporting; how does self-assessment work, strategies for assessment, how does it fit with the curriculum and what the forms of assessment are for media studies for each year level, 10-VCE?

Has anything you have read about changed or confirmed what you originally believed about assessment?

Yes, just from reading though the various sections on the VCAA website, my ideas about assessment were clarified.

I learnt that reporting is the process “by which assessment information is communicated to help students, parents, teachers and the system to make decisions by providing information about what students know and can do, together with recommendations for their future learning.”

And the principles really defined and encapsulate what assessment means and is in practice.

  • The primary purpose of assessment is to improve student performance
  • Assessment should be based on an understanding of how students learn
  • Assessment should be an integral component of course design and not something to add afterwards (This in particular really nailed it on the head for me. We often assume that any form of assessment, test or exam comes at the end of something.)
  • Good assessment provides useful information to report credibly to parents on student achievement
  • Good assessment requires clarity of purpose, goals, standards and criteria
  • Good assessment requires a variety of measures (Not all students learn in the manner, nor do they perform well in certain assessments. eg, my HSC exams brought down my average marks by 20 per cent. Even to this day, 20 years later, the stress of remembering by rote is not my strong strength.)
  • Assessment methods used should be valid, reliable and consistent
  • Assessment requires attention to outcomes and processes
  • Assessment works best when it is ongoing rather than episodic
  • Assessment for improved performance involves feedback and reflection

I particularly enjoyed the Assessment Tools section, with sub-sections including (I have left them as links for easy access in the future):


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