Make a note of the headings you would use in your lesson plans. You could develop your own template and include it in your journal (not compulsory).

From all the lesson plans I have seen online and used in my early years placement last year,  the lesson plan template 3 in the resources folder suited me best.

It’s not too rigid and with little amendment suits the headings I feel are important to effective learning.

Keeping in mind Stiliana Milkova’s cyclical concrete objectives for student learning:

  • Objectives for student learning
  • Teaching/learning activities
  • Strategies to check student understanding

and including the necessary unit/lesson name, class, size and duration, my headings are:

  • Intended Learning Outcomes (great for later years as it can include all the Vs: VELS, VCE, VCAL, VET)
  • Prior Learning and Experience (crucial I think to the experience of later years students who are walking, talking examples of knowledge and opinion!)
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Resources, Material and Organisation
  • Assessment
  • Evaluation


I found these resources useful and interesting, particularly the latter.

A concise guide to writing learning objectives that also includes examples from courses at MIT: http://tll.mit.edu/help/teaching-materials-0

Video clips of GSIs at the University of Michigan actively engaging students in a practice teaching session: http://crlte.engin.umich.edu/practiceteaching/

Plan the First Day’s Session: How to create to a lesson plan for the first day of class: http://gsi.berkeley.edu/gsi-guide-contents/pre-semester-intro/first-day-plan/


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