Unit and lesson plans, NSW v Victoria

Look at the format of the Unit/Lessons document and note the different types of information that are included in this unit plan.

What are the similarities and differences between the Victorian and the NSW sample units?
In preparation for the first assessment task, record the headings you think should be included in a plan for a unit of work/learning sequence for a Year 9 or 10 class in your subject area.

In the Year 8 Semester 2: Energy Types unit plan information includes the essential question, content descriptions, lesson sequence, each with a focus, What will students know and be able to do? What are the main learning activities? What are the assessment tasks? And relevant information under each sub-heading.

When comparing the Victorian unit to the NSW equivalent Science sample unit: Off the planet, the main differences between the Victorian and NSW sample units are the structure and the terminology.

Victoria has an Essential Question and the Content Descriptors, NSW has the Unit Context and Overview and the Outcomes. Both still address their own state curriculum.

The NSW unit was heavy on detail while the Victorian version used diagrams, links and attachments.

I also noticed the time allocation for both the unit and the lessons within that unit are different, but I am assuming that can be a school preference and dependent on the subject.

Elements to be included in a plan for a unit of work or learning sequence for a Year 9 or 10 class in Media Arts are:

  • unit description
  • syllabus/content outcomes
  • duration (a time line particularly in my lesson plans will guide me)
  • stage or year
  • range of relevant content
  • integrated teaching, learning and assessment activities
  • subject-specific requirements
  • resources
  • reflection and evaluation
  • adjustments for students with special education needs, where appropriate.



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