VCE: Media Studies

Make a note, with short explanatory notes, in your learning journal about the types of information that are available to guide you in your teaching.

VCE Media is broken down into Curriculum, Assessment and Support Material. The Study Design is a lengthy booklet …. but there is also a Study Summary.

The Resources list is extensive, particularly the book list with sub heads including Media Production, Film, Photo, Radio, Print and Multimedia.

A concern is the list was printed in 2011, and with media constantly changing and updating, I may have to source other resources online to complement these, including journals and online resources.

In the assessment section, however, there is 2016 Administrative information for School-based assessment (pdf – 193.9kb) dated February 2016. It contains information on the audit and review of school-based assessment and general information on school-based assessment.

The 2016 administrative information for school-based assessment – Media (pdf – 790.58kb)(February 2016) contains SAT assessment and authentication information, including forms and assessment sheet.

I’m looking forward to asking my mentor teacher how she structures the School Assessment Tasks (SAT).

The Examination Reports PDF has past exams and sample exams.

In the Support Materials there is a section on frequently asked questions.


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