Australian Curriculum

What are the three most outstanding things you have learnt from your exploration of the Australian Curriculum? Exploring the ACARA website was both overwhelming and amazing. Understanding the connection between the general capabilities, the cross-curriculum priorities and how they are interwoven with content in each learning area, is the most outstanding feature and thing I learnt….

Encouraging life-long learning

What are two things you can do in your teaching to actively encourage lifelong learning? As you read, note down ideas that you may be able to incorporate into your teaching of later years students. Learning improves when students are motivated, inquisitive and inspired – a good place to start for a teacher, who would…

The later years learner and development

What implication/s will the emotional and psychological needs of adolescents have on your teaching of later years students? The rapid physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development of later year students will drive how I teach and essentially how we relate to one another. In late adolescence, students: Are physically, at about the age of 15 for…


What do you think are the most definitive characteristics of later years students? Identify these in five words (or less). Then add one sentence to describe each characteristic.   Experimental: As adolescences change physically, emotionally and cognitively, so new challenges arise. As a result, they are drawn to new experience, peer pressure and pushing the boundaries….